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The Reality Camp

with Stacey Campfield


Stacey Campfield, a native of Vestal, New York, has served the people of Tennessee in both the State House and Senate. He is not afraid to address the tough issues we as a nation are facing. He is a strong advocate for the unborn child. In the Tennessee House 2007, he sponsored a bill giving birth certificates to those who were aborted in hopes to bring to light just how many were losing their lives to abortion. While serving in the Tennesee State Senate in 2012, he made a budget amendment having state funding removed from Planned Parenthood and those funds given to the health department instead.

Campfield has been apart of other proposed legislation to allow teachers the right to protect themselves and their students should the need arise. He has worked to allow homeschool students the right to try out and play with school teams. He also worked to put stipulations on government assistance, requiring parents to be active in their child’s education.

We are glad to have him on our team!


Our first responsibility is not to ourselves. Our first responsibility is to our country and to our God.

Alan Keyes

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